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Our Services


Suggestion of equipment (I.e. camera, computers and servers), services (I.e. Internet, phone and software) and other technologies most adaptable to your company needs.

PC Repair

Installation of Operating System , removal of spam and virus, hardware and software upgrading.

Email Configuration

POP, IMAP and Exchange

WAN & LAN Configuration

Local area and word area network


Servers, workstations, phones, firewall, network


Installing security system for your business

Logo Design

Branding or rebranding of company

Social Media

Creating a presence in the Social Network

Our Works

Nova Surveyros

Infinity Transportation

HCT Overseas

Ibiza Blue




About Us

We are a family owned and operated company with over 28 years of experience in the industry. Our origin began when our founder was asked to prepare for an equipment upgrade at a large construction company in Venezuela. While preparing to use the technology, he became fascinated with programming. He then decided to pursue a career in the field. Later on he was contacted by the IBM Institute to teach a class. He worked in different companies as the Head of the MIS department, which let him maintain fresh knowledge.

After moving to the U.S., our founder began to work for a support company in which he was instructed to set up all equipment for technicians to use in the field. A few years later he started working as the network administrator for Total Bank. He was the manager of communications for all the branches the bank operated.

Then, Yireh CS opened its doors in 2003, focusing on personal computer repairs. But it wasn't long enough when we had built a team whose main goal is provide premium service to other companies. During the course of 12 years since our company's inception, we have provided optimal service to over 60 companies in South Florida. We offer an evolving spectrum of services to help keep customers fitted to the fast paced, technological world of tomorrow. As we strive to keep up with advances of technology, we have recently expanded our frontiers by adding programmers and designers to our team. Our newest services include web design and programming, logo design, and social media. (click here) to see a complete listing or our services.

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